Only a Game
A   play   by   carol  younghusband

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Synopses - Only a Game

Ben is playing a boardgame with a couple of his friends. But when Ben cheats - as he almost always does - he finds himself banished to the Land of Dotties.

Sad and alone, he befriends Rock (a wise old Rock!) and Rock's nephew Chip. Together they discover that Ben can only return home if he lights up the Five Magic Stones.

The Rhythmic Dice, the Joker, the Master Crossword and Jig-saw each present Ben with a puzzling test which he must complete in a time set by the King. But he is opposed by Master cheats Flim-Flam and Hokum!

Ben eventually manages to light four of the Stones, but on his final test he learns that Rock is in trouble --- if he helps him he won't be able to light the last Stone and go home.

After a moment of indecision, he decides to help Rock, and he runs out of time ... that is until the Spirit of the Games is heard!